Behold now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!

Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?

Things liberals and the left are doing that have lost me to their cause part 2
Pathetically stupid boycotts and other internet outrages/total overreactions that are knee-jerk emotional responses with no clearcut thought cause-effect process behind it, only a mob mentality bandwagon meme effect that will be as effective as most people's New Year's resolutions.

Per example, both the "UBER outrage delete your UBER app" and the "omg Trump people are going to boycott Starbucks support Starbucks" BS.

I had to go research this crazy UBER "strikebreaking" BS. And it is BS, the entire story, from beginning to end. First of all, the taxi drivers so called "strike" was not a strike in any real sense of the word. It was falsely so-called by themselves and the media. They simply refused to service JFK in solidarity with... whom, exactly? The refugees? The detainees, who would not be needing taxi service anyway? Who were they punishing? JFK airpline workers, who almost certainly used their own vehicles to get to work?

The only people hurt by the "taxi strike" were tired travelers or people needing to make a flight, none of whom were likely responsible for this travesty. Was Trump hurt by this "strike"? Not one iota.

A strike, by the way, children, is an action held against ONE'S EMPLOYER to demand better working conditions or wages, not to punish people who would otherwise be using your service for crimes not really mentioned and for a cause not obtainable by your "strike".

Did UBER benefit from this strike? Well, they turned off their normal surge procing to specifically NOT profit as much as they normally would, so, not as much as they could have. Who benefitted from UBER running during the ill-begotted "taxi strike"? Tired and anxious passengers who wanted to get the fuck home.

But by all means, continue with the UBER hate, which is a further extension of more UBER hate I have seen since UBER became popular. It's like people think taxi drivers are some kind of angels and I have had so many rotten, wretched, vicious taxi drivers that I have zero pity for any of their whining. They need some fucking competition to get them off their goddamn high horse. They have a monopoly and UBER has broken it. FWIW however, I usually just take the bus because I am fucking cheap.

Anyway the Starbucks thing: I guess some Trump people claim they will boycott Starbucks which entertains me because I was honestly surprised that Trumpies actually had the money to go to Starbucks or that there were enough of them in places like bumfuck midwestern farmville USA to matter. Most Starbucks are located in heavily blue territory but you red small towners with no money to afford overpriced coffee get on with your bad selves.

But in true liberal style now liberals must "support Starbucks", oh poor benighted multibillion dollar capitalist company, lest the backwoods hicks actually manage to put a small dent in their huge profits.

Bad news for both liberals and conservatives - boycotts do not work to hurt the people you want to hurt - the corporations. The corporations are well beyond any such pathetic attempts by you, the little people, to make such things happen because they well know you don't have the will power to keep up any such boycotts for more than a week or two anyway because then you will be on to the next internet-fueled outrage anyhow, and besides ALL THE OTHER CORPORATIONS ARE JUST AS BAD. And besides, since when is Starbucks your friend and the good guy? Less than 10% of their coffee comes from fair trade sources. It isn't like they are some beneficial to the little guy corporate giant. They abuse the worker JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CORPORATION DOES. To the extent any massive boycotts would cause a few stores to close, any profit cuts would be passed on down to the workers whose jobs would be lost. That's the barristas.

You cannot buy your way to a better planet or use your small weekly paycheck to leverage corporations to behave. They will do what they want regardless. As with the giant banks, in some cases if they go broke, the government will bail them out rather than let them go under. If you want to buy fewer things because the corporations are a steaming toxic pile of crap destroying everything beautiful on the planet then certainly do so, but if in our complicated modern world using their products makes your stressed out modern life a little easier and more pleasant, then do that too. In the end your individual actions are not making that big of a difference. Saying that may be shocking and hurtful but this is at the core of liberal philosophy - that individual tiny actions like choosing to buy from this or that corporation can "change the world". But this toxic philosphy also bears a heavy burden of guilt when one cracks and grabs a coffee on the way in to work or downloads "the wrong" app or shops at the grocery store one can afford that isn't "liberal approved" (I recently have been told not to shop at one of the only grocery stores I can reach where fresh food is sold in post-Katrina New Orleans - instead, I am told, I should go to Costco, which would add TWO HOURS to my bus trip and I would have to pay more to every grocery bill PLUS pay a fee to shop there. I am tempted to ask if they are offering to pay my grocery bills and drive me.)

Political, industrial, and corporate entities with far more power than you are doing most of the destructive acts in the world. You can vote, contact your representatives, and protest, but beyond that there is not a lot you can truthfully do to "make a difference" unless you are willing to quit your job and make being an agitator your life's work, and you should not feel guilty about this. Just live your life and speak up when you can.

Stop shaming others in order to project your own inner guilt.

Stop demanding others take the same actions you feel are neccesary in order to expiate your guilt.

This is toxic behavior and needs to stop.

Things liberals and the left are doing that have lost me to their cause part 1
I suppose I should preface this by saying, although I feel I really shouldn't have to, I hate Trump, I am not a Nazi, I do not even feel I am a conservative or a "right winger", but every time I say shit like this anymore I am accused of all of the above. I have not changed, it is "the left" or "liberals" that have changed. I know, I have watched it and become increasingly disenchanted over the years although initially I felt too disempowered to say anything. There's a liberal buzzword for you - empowered/disempowered. You all like empowered women. Well here you go:

I am really sick of the "Islamophobia!" kneejerk reaction every time extremely fair criticism of the loathsome policies of MAINSTREAM and NORMAL Muslim treatment towards women or the LGBT community are raised. It's a pack of steaming hot bullshit that shows how much the Left just really doesn't give a shit about women and gay people.

Oh yeah inb4 "white feminism" because:

The AHA Foundation

FITNAH Website

The Radical Association of Afghanistan Women

There is a long history of Muslim feminist women repudiating the veil and declaring it an insult to women's rights, as well as fighting for the other "more serious" women's rights such as the right to education, to travel, to be free from mutilation, to end honor killings, to end child marriage, and more.

It was not until the late 90s when the so-called "third wave feminist movement" began its politics of total capitulation and appeasement to male-led political movements that I began to see articles claiming the hijab was somehow a feminist choice appearing in Western media. The double speak was intense and quite Orwellian, submission is power, capitulation is feminist, etc. (This is in line with every other Third Wave double speak that claims that doing exactly what men want is "an empowering feminist choice".) The double speak went on as they all do until women who actually oppose men's desires for complete female submission became THE ENEMIES OF FEMINISM and were cast as EVIL HAGS AND WITCHES - or in this case, racists - and were outcast.

In the case of violent oppression and murder of gay men, well this is simply covered up and ignored. Violent oppression of lesbians is ignored in the same way it always is - by denying the woman is a lesbian (if she is forcibly married, raped and made pregnant, she is a married mother and therefore cannot be a lesbian, see, she is married with children and therefore heterosexual!) The trans movement has even colluded with this, saying the Muslim countries are "pro trans" because they allow transsexual operations - leaving out that they offer this as a choice between the operation and the death penalty for those caught in homosexual acts. If you are "really" trans, they reason, then get the operation and marry your lover and tada, your sex was halal and you are no longer gay, but being gay cannot be tolerated. You seriously count this as a proactive win for the trans community?

Talking about these VIOLENT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES is now FORBIDDEN among liberals in the West. Talking about this means you are instantly labelled a RACIST ISLAMOPHOBE, even as Western liberals berate and demean Western Christians for much lesser offenses against gays and women. Or if you do you are immediately attacked - "Well what do you want us to DO about it, BOMB THEM?!" The cognitive dissonance is thick. There is obviously a vast gulf of possible actions between "bombing them" and just turning a blind eye.

And maybe it wouldn't matter so much to us here in the West except this becomes an issue when we are talking about mass immigration that increases yearly. Now believe me I am all for allowing compassionate opening of doors to refugees. We have a long history of that in America although it is always fraught with fears.

But one thing that always happens and is encouraged to happen is that THE NEWCOMERS MUST LARGELY ASSIMILATE.

What I am seeing now are demands from liberals and leftists that we begin to change for a small minority of refugees, that we allow them to continue to ABUSE their daughters upon bringing them here, by mutilating them, forcing them to cover against their will, and so on, because "it is their culture".


Religious abuse is abuse, even if it is "only" of girls, and have you noticed? All of these fights take place over the girls and women. No one is trying to force their sons to do anything. I go out here and see women in full niqab accompanied by men in polo shirts and jeans. By men in SHORTS. There are multiple cases of girls in the west being assaulted by family members who force them to veil against their will, by family members who don't want them to go to co ed classes in public schools.

You came to our countries because you wanted our freedoms. That means your kids get our freedoms too. EVEN THE GIRLS. I don't feel sorry for these people who want to deny freedom to their daughters. I don't think people who are disgusted by this behavior are "Islamophobic". I think people crying "Islamophobia" at every raised eyebrow over this disgusting behavior are MISOGYNISTIC.

So drop the crap with your made up words and guilt tripping of people for having REAL FUCKING CONCERNS about our hard won freedoms for women in the West. We're under enough attack as it is constantly from our own native born residents without having to also give MORE leeway to refugees who want to "protect" their daughters from Western freedoms.

that awkward moment...
....when the working classes finally rise up and begin that revolution the white, wealthier liberals and anarchist wannabes have been hoping they would have for decades now but they don't want the things the wealthy white liberals and anarchist wannabes have been telling them they should want because in fact they have their own problems and issues which wealthy white liberals and anarchist wannabes have never listened to because they've been too busy patronizing the working classes and smoking weed while browsing "People of Walmart" and mocking the very people whose side they are purportedly on.

that awkward moment when the young white college educated dudes yelling about "revolution, man" realize they ARE the man the peasants want to overthrow

the masses don't want what you want

don't bother trying to patronizingly "educate" them after you have spent the last 30 years mocking them. did you think they didn't hear you mocking them? they heard you. they know exactly how little regard you hold them in. they aren't interested in a thing you say. they know how much you despise their culture, their religion, their traditions, their beliefs, and their country. why should they listen to anything you have to say?you spend all day on the internet talking about how much they suck.

there are more of them than you and they vote. you're screwed.

sometimes I feel I should post more here but then
1. no one comments
2. I pre-suppose all the anger there would be if I said what I really think and trust me I don't say what I really think. This is because if I even come close to hinting about it as a comment to people when I do read I get talked down to and condescended to.
3. I feel like lj is a repository of complaints and sometimes what I want to say is legit good advice - I honestly have few complaints about my life anymore aside from the ongoing incurables with which I cope - oh and I could be richer, sure - but whenever I see people going through the same things and try to express what I have found is helpful I am told I am wrong. Then people go back to struggling with the same issues by doing the same things over and over.

It's no secret what I have said here repeatedly and which falls on deaf ears - psychiatric medicine is largely utter bullshit - the rest of the medical profession is right 95% of the time or possibly more, including about all the big things like vaccines, chemo, and that you are not fucking allergic to gluten; you don't need 8 glasses of water a day; you buy too much stuff and you don't actually need a car, no, not even if you have kids; your kids have too much stuff and you are over scheduling them and yourself and making yourself crazy; BDSM and poly culture are toxic to the core and don't just happen to have a lot of abusers attracted to the lifestyle but are dependent upon abuse to make the culture work, "consent culture" reforms be damned; anarchy doesn't work and will never work which is why we created civilizations over 5000 years ago; and that person in your life who makes you feel bad all the time is someone you should probably tell to fuck right off and whatever bad imagined consequences you think will result from that are not as bad as letting them continue to make you feel bad.

I mean this is all pretty basic sane shit and I just come here every few weeks and see people saying stuff that they are having so much trouble with in their life that comes from not getting one or more of these points and I feel like I could say something but it would just piss people off and they would assume things about me that they should know by now aren't true so I don't bother, like I promote monogamy (I still don't like monogamy), I'm anti-science for being anti-psychiatry even though I happily embrace most of modern medicine except the part that is based on bad science, which is psychiatry, or blather out a bunch of pro-BDSM talking points that ignore how I lived in the community for two decades and saw so much shit until I couldn't ignore what was right in front of my eyes any longer.

There's more, much more, but I've probably already said way too much. It's my son's birthday anyhow and I'm gonna go make him some burritos.

Oh the space bar on my keyboard is sticking. That's my major complaint today, actually.

"Man becomes king of the brutes only by subduing or taming them: otherwise he will be their victim or slave."

-- Eliphas Levi

The Equality Fallacy/Misunderstanding
Several years ago, I began to rebel against a modern cultural attitude. This attitude is a misunderstanding of the Enlightenment ideal on which our government and society is founded. It is an attitude more strongly held by the political left, but is shared by many on the political right as well, so the fallacy may be slightly left-of-center but is more broadly cultural than political at all. And the fallacy is rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of "equality".

Equality is taken to mean equal abilities, or, as you were saying as you left, equal potential to raise one's abilities - an equal potential present in every human child. All that is needed, in this world view, is for them to be nurtured properly from conception - possibly pre-conception - with the right parents, with enough money, with the right education, the right food, the right doctors, the right resources. The view allows for different people to have different talents and even, perhaps, some differing levels of IQ, but no one is allowed to be truly and substantially different than anyone else - if someone is really, really good at one thing, why, they must lack in another area and another person is just the opposite. Therefore everyone must have humility, realize we are all equals and not brag or be proud.

This is not and never was what the Enlightenment ideal was about.

Equality under Enlightenment thought and in the structuring of our government is a term of law and justice. It is the literal meaning of no man being above the law, the literal abolition of privilege. This is why no lords or nobles exist in America, and why accusations of aristocracy are so loaded here. Your parents may still bequeath you property and money, but a title? Status in society? Those are much less important, and if you stab a man to death in public, whether you are the President or a waiter, you will still be put on trial for murder. Even the hint of an inequality based on wealth in the justice system riles people - because our country was founded on ending that system. Privilege and unequal justice were the pre-Enlightenment way that rules the Old World of Europe. Europe, in time, changed as well.

Consider in Game of Thrones (which is based on medieval times) Ned Stark's execution of the runaway Night's Watchman and Tyrion's trial for murder at the hand's of Lysa Arryn and Catelyn Stark. The hapless Night Watchman is summarily executed - no witnesses, no real chance to speak in his behalf. They just round him up and Ned chops off his head, story over. Tyrion gets a trial, a chance to speak for himself, a champion. Tyrion is a nobleman. And consider what they did relative to their punishments! The Night's Watchman quit his job - Tyrion was accused of attempted murder of a ten year old (*we* know he didn't do it, but they thought he did.) While Ned Stark's execution was rather abrupt as well, recall this is thought of as the actions of a bad and impulsive king, and a war is started over it because he's not supposed to treat a nobleman that way - just as a war is started over the murder of Ned's father and brother.

But as I was saying in the beginning, the understanding of this ideal has devolved into a sort of pablum in which we are all supposed to be exactly equal, in which IQ tests are branded as "unimportant because there's all sorts of different IQ you know!" and educational accomplishments are dismissed and indeed every sort of accomplishment is dismissed or looked at with suspicion because if someone is beautiful AND Smart they must secretly have some nasty personality trait or horrible secret to make up for it, because "everyone knows" that no one can have too many traits that place them at the upper end of the bell curve without having something to "balance it out" and put them solidly back on the median, where they belong.

Here's the truth - many people, whether rich or poor, are just born stupid and with shitty personalities. A few people are born with both great personalities and are really smart. If they are also pretty and their family is rich, there's no reason they shouldn't or won't rise to the top of society. And the masses hate them and will constantly look for reasons why they have some fatal flaw that proves the theory that we all meet some imaginary moral mean. And the lowest gutterpunk who has broken his mother's heart, raped his girlfriends, has 2 illegitimate kids and an STD, is hooked on heroin, beats people with baseball bats, never worked for a day of honest wages in his life, dropped out of high school, has misspelled prison tattoos, and an IQ of 90, believes he is just as good or in fact secretly believes he is better than that person. Because "we are all the same" and "we are all equal". They will tell you this if you ask them. They will whine that they just didn't get enough chances in life. It's a load of crap.

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