Behold now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!

Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?

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sometimes I feel I should post more here but then
1. no one comments
2. I pre-suppose all the anger there would be if I said what I really think and trust me I don't say what I really think. This is because if I even come close to hinting about it as a comment to people when I do read I get talked down to and condescended to.
3. I feel like lj is a repository of complaints and sometimes what I want to say is legit good advice - I honestly have few complaints about my life anymore aside from the ongoing incurables with which I cope - oh and I could be richer, sure - but whenever I see people going through the same things and try to express what I have found is helpful I am told I am wrong. Then people go back to struggling with the same issues by doing the same things over and over.

It's no secret what I have said here repeatedly and which falls on deaf ears - psychiatric medicine is largely utter bullshit - the rest of the medical profession is right 95% of the time or possibly more, including about all the big things like vaccines, chemo, and that you are not fucking allergic to gluten; you don't need 8 glasses of water a day; you buy too much stuff and you don't actually need a car, no, not even if you have kids; your kids have too much stuff and you are over scheduling them and yourself and making yourself crazy; BDSM and poly culture are toxic to the core and don't just happen to have a lot of abusers attracted to the lifestyle but are dependent upon abuse to make the culture work, "consent culture" reforms be damned; anarchy doesn't work and will never work which is why we created civilizations over 5000 years ago; and that person in your life who makes you feel bad all the time is someone you should probably tell to fuck right off and whatever bad imagined consequences you think will result from that are not as bad as letting them continue to make you feel bad.

I mean this is all pretty basic sane shit and I just come here every few weeks and see people saying stuff that they are having so much trouble with in their life that comes from not getting one or more of these points and I feel like I could say something but it would just piss people off and they would assume things about me that they should know by now aren't true so I don't bother, like I promote monogamy (I still don't like monogamy), I'm anti-science for being anti-psychiatry even though I happily embrace most of modern medicine except the part that is based on bad science, which is psychiatry, or blather out a bunch of pro-BDSM talking points that ignore how I lived in the community for two decades and saw so much shit until I couldn't ignore what was right in front of my eyes any longer.

There's more, much more, but I've probably already said way too much. It's my son's birthday anyhow and I'm gonna go make him some burritos.

Oh the space bar on my keyboard is sticking. That's my major complaint today, actually.

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