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Things liberals and the left are doing that have lost me to their cause part 1
I suppose I should preface this by saying, although I feel I really shouldn't have to, I hate Trump, I am not a Nazi, I do not even feel I am a conservative or a "right winger", but every time I say shit like this anymore I am accused of all of the above. I have not changed, it is "the left" or "liberals" that have changed. I know, I have watched it and become increasingly disenchanted over the years although initially I felt too disempowered to say anything. There's a liberal buzzword for you - empowered/disempowered. You all like empowered women. Well here you go:

I am really sick of the "Islamophobia!" kneejerk reaction every time extremely fair criticism of the loathsome policies of MAINSTREAM and NORMAL Muslim treatment towards women or the LGBT community are raised. It's a pack of steaming hot bullshit that shows how much the Left just really doesn't give a shit about women and gay people.

Oh yeah inb4 "white feminism" because:

The AHA Foundation

FITNAH Website

The Radical Association of Afghanistan Women

There is a long history of Muslim feminist women repudiating the veil and declaring it an insult to women's rights, as well as fighting for the other "more serious" women's rights such as the right to education, to travel, to be free from mutilation, to end honor killings, to end child marriage, and more.

It was not until the late 90s when the so-called "third wave feminist movement" began its politics of total capitulation and appeasement to male-led political movements that I began to see articles claiming the hijab was somehow a feminist choice appearing in Western media. The double speak was intense and quite Orwellian, submission is power, capitulation is feminist, etc. (This is in line with every other Third Wave double speak that claims that doing exactly what men want is "an empowering feminist choice".) The double speak went on as they all do until women who actually oppose men's desires for complete female submission became THE ENEMIES OF FEMINISM and were cast as EVIL HAGS AND WITCHES - or in this case, racists - and were outcast.

In the case of violent oppression and murder of gay men, well this is simply covered up and ignored. Violent oppression of lesbians is ignored in the same way it always is - by denying the woman is a lesbian (if she is forcibly married, raped and made pregnant, she is a married mother and therefore cannot be a lesbian, see, she is married with children and therefore heterosexual!) The trans movement has even colluded with this, saying the Muslim countries are "pro trans" because they allow transsexual operations - leaving out that they offer this as a choice between the operation and the death penalty for those caught in homosexual acts. If you are "really" trans, they reason, then get the operation and marry your lover and tada, your sex was halal and you are no longer gay, but being gay cannot be tolerated. You seriously count this as a proactive win for the trans community?

Talking about these VIOLENT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES is now FORBIDDEN among liberals in the West. Talking about this means you are instantly labelled a RACIST ISLAMOPHOBE, even as Western liberals berate and demean Western Christians for much lesser offenses against gays and women. Or if you do you are immediately attacked - "Well what do you want us to DO about it, BOMB THEM?!" The cognitive dissonance is thick. There is obviously a vast gulf of possible actions between "bombing them" and just turning a blind eye.

And maybe it wouldn't matter so much to us here in the West except this becomes an issue when we are talking about mass immigration that increases yearly. Now believe me I am all for allowing compassionate opening of doors to refugees. We have a long history of that in America although it is always fraught with fears.

But one thing that always happens and is encouraged to happen is that THE NEWCOMERS MUST LARGELY ASSIMILATE.

What I am seeing now are demands from liberals and leftists that we begin to change for a small minority of refugees, that we allow them to continue to ABUSE their daughters upon bringing them here, by mutilating them, forcing them to cover against their will, and so on, because "it is their culture".


Religious abuse is abuse, even if it is "only" of girls, and have you noticed? All of these fights take place over the girls and women. No one is trying to force their sons to do anything. I go out here and see women in full niqab accompanied by men in polo shirts and jeans. By men in SHORTS. There are multiple cases of girls in the west being assaulted by family members who force them to veil against their will, by family members who don't want them to go to co ed classes in public schools.

You came to our countries because you wanted our freedoms. That means your kids get our freedoms too. EVEN THE GIRLS. I don't feel sorry for these people who want to deny freedom to their daughters. I don't think people who are disgusted by this behavior are "Islamophobic". I think people crying "Islamophobia" at every raised eyebrow over this disgusting behavior are MISOGYNISTIC.

So drop the crap with your made up words and guilt tripping of people for having REAL FUCKING CONCERNS about our hard won freedoms for women in the West. We're under enough attack as it is constantly from our own native born residents without having to also give MORE leeway to refugees who want to "protect" their daughters from Western freedoms.

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