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Things liberals and the left are doing that have lost me to their cause part 2
Pathetically stupid boycotts and other internet outrages/total overreactions that are knee-jerk emotional responses with no clearcut thought cause-effect process behind it, only a mob mentality bandwagon meme effect that will be as effective as most people's New Year's resolutions.

Per example, both the "UBER outrage delete your UBER app" and the "omg Trump people are going to boycott Starbucks support Starbucks" BS.

I had to go research this crazy UBER "strikebreaking" BS. And it is BS, the entire story, from beginning to end. First of all, the taxi drivers so called "strike" was not a strike in any real sense of the word. It was falsely so-called by themselves and the media. They simply refused to service JFK in solidarity with... whom, exactly? The refugees? The detainees, who would not be needing taxi service anyway? Who were they punishing? JFK airpline workers, who almost certainly used their own vehicles to get to work?

The only people hurt by the "taxi strike" were tired travelers or people needing to make a flight, none of whom were likely responsible for this travesty. Was Trump hurt by this "strike"? Not one iota.

A strike, by the way, children, is an action held against ONE'S EMPLOYER to demand better working conditions or wages, not to punish people who would otherwise be using your service for crimes not really mentioned and for a cause not obtainable by your "strike".

Did UBER benefit from this strike? Well, they turned off their normal surge procing to specifically NOT profit as much as they normally would, so, not as much as they could have. Who benefitted from UBER running during the ill-begotted "taxi strike"? Tired and anxious passengers who wanted to get the fuck home.

But by all means, continue with the UBER hate, which is a further extension of more UBER hate I have seen since UBER became popular. It's like people think taxi drivers are some kind of angels and I have had so many rotten, wretched, vicious taxi drivers that I have zero pity for any of their whining. They need some fucking competition to get them off their goddamn high horse. They have a monopoly and UBER has broken it. FWIW however, I usually just take the bus because I am fucking cheap.

Anyway the Starbucks thing: I guess some Trump people claim they will boycott Starbucks which entertains me because I was honestly surprised that Trumpies actually had the money to go to Starbucks or that there were enough of them in places like bumfuck midwestern farmville USA to matter. Most Starbucks are located in heavily blue territory but you red small towners with no money to afford overpriced coffee get on with your bad selves.

But in true liberal style now liberals must "support Starbucks", oh poor benighted multibillion dollar capitalist company, lest the backwoods hicks actually manage to put a small dent in their huge profits.

Bad news for both liberals and conservatives - boycotts do not work to hurt the people you want to hurt - the corporations. The corporations are well beyond any such pathetic attempts by you, the little people, to make such things happen because they well know you don't have the will power to keep up any such boycotts for more than a week or two anyway because then you will be on to the next internet-fueled outrage anyhow, and besides ALL THE OTHER CORPORATIONS ARE JUST AS BAD. And besides, since when is Starbucks your friend and the good guy? Less than 10% of their coffee comes from fair trade sources. It isn't like they are some beneficial to the little guy corporate giant. They abuse the worker JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CORPORATION DOES. To the extent any massive boycotts would cause a few stores to close, any profit cuts would be passed on down to the workers whose jobs would be lost. That's the barristas.

You cannot buy your way to a better planet or use your small weekly paycheck to leverage corporations to behave. They will do what they want regardless. As with the giant banks, in some cases if they go broke, the government will bail them out rather than let them go under. If you want to buy fewer things because the corporations are a steaming toxic pile of crap destroying everything beautiful on the planet then certainly do so, but if in our complicated modern world using their products makes your stressed out modern life a little easier and more pleasant, then do that too. In the end your individual actions are not making that big of a difference. Saying that may be shocking and hurtful but this is at the core of liberal philosophy - that individual tiny actions like choosing to buy from this or that corporation can "change the world". But this toxic philosphy also bears a heavy burden of guilt when one cracks and grabs a coffee on the way in to work or downloads "the wrong" app or shops at the grocery store one can afford that isn't "liberal approved" (I recently have been told not to shop at one of the only grocery stores I can reach where fresh food is sold in post-Katrina New Orleans - instead, I am told, I should go to Costco, which would add TWO HOURS to my bus trip and I would have to pay more to every grocery bill PLUS pay a fee to shop there. I am tempted to ask if they are offering to pay my grocery bills and drive me.)

Political, industrial, and corporate entities with far more power than you are doing most of the destructive acts in the world. You can vote, contact your representatives, and protest, but beyond that there is not a lot you can truthfully do to "make a difference" unless you are willing to quit your job and make being an agitator your life's work, and you should not feel guilty about this. Just live your life and speak up when you can.

Stop shaming others in order to project your own inner guilt.

Stop demanding others take the same actions you feel are neccesary in order to expiate your guilt.

This is toxic behavior and needs to stop.

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